Boom! Bang! Beep! Vous pouvez ajouter des effets sonores ainsi que des musiques à vos histoires sur Elementari.

Choosing Sounds from the Library

First choose the sound effects or background music for your page. You can browse our growing library or add your own. 

sound effects library

Sound effects are grouped into "collections" of similar sounding items

To add sounds and music to your page, drag the sound to the page. 

preview sound effect

Press to preview the sound. Drag it onto the page to add it to the page. 

You can then see what sound effects and background musics have been added to the page in the "Page Sounds" tab. Here you can find and manage the sounds and music that live on this page. 

Note: Each page of your book will have it's own list of sounds and music that can be found in the "Page Sounds" tab. 

page sounds library

You can preview and delete the sounds from your page here. 

Playing Sounds

Background Music

play music

Plays the background music when the page starts. 

To play a sound, you will need to switch to the "Event Graph". To add a background music, use the "Play Music" function. You can then select from a drop down list of musics that live or your page. If the drop down list is empty, then this means that you have not added a background music to the page yet.

Options include volume and repeat. When repeat is True, the music will loop through and constantly play without stopping. 

Sound Effects

play sound effect

Plays the sound effect when Image0 is clicked

You can add sound effects when you click or hover over different objects. To play a sound effect, you will need the Play Sound Effect function along with the event and object. 

In this example, whenever Alice is clicked, the sound effect Spell 13 will play. 

The Cool Stuff

Currently all sounds live on the page, not the book. Therefore if you wish to add the same sound effect, you will need to add it to each page you use it on. 

Background music will continue to play unless 1) Repeat = False and the song ends 2) You tell the background music to stop or 3) When you change the background music.

Recap: Playing Sounds

1) Always add sounds to your page first

2) Play sounds effects with the function "Play Sound Effect"

3) Play background music with the function "Play Music"

4) If you started playing a background music, then it will continue to play unless you force it to stop, the song ends, or change the background music.

Pro Tips

Adding sounds brings another dimension into the reading experience. Playing sounds when there are interactions, like button clicks, will further immerse your readers. 

You can easily create a funny animal noises piano or add a different atmosphere to your story with music. 

Have fun being creative!