The creative versatility of Elementari can match with nearly all of the Common Core standards, regardless of grade or topic (Language Arts or Mathematics)! Elementari’s unique multimodal platform allows any combination of written word (or numbers), interactions, animations, sounds, and coding to produce a plethora of equally unique lessons. What’s more, Elementari does not strictly cater to an individualized experience. Rather, educators can utilize Elementari for both group and solo learning. The ability to create new, remix, or modify existing content allows educators to build off Common Core content already in place in our database or add to it. You are in control of your learning objective!

Lesson Plan Template

To assist both content creators and educators, Elementari offers a lesson plan template following Understanding by Design framework. The template is designed with existing best practices in mind to allow quick transfer of knowledge between templates and ease in sharing lesson plans with others.

Aligning to Common Core

Elementari is building a shared library of lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We have begun a spreadsheet listing all the English Language Arts Standards. Our goal is to develop engaging, tested lessons that align to the standards with the help of our educator community. That way, if stuck on implementing a given standard, educators may capitalize on these pre-existing lessons, improving them, and modifying as needed.

Accessing and Sharing Knowledge

As Elementari’s publication database expands, so does the breadth of material designed for a classroom use. When publishing content, educators are encouraged to submit lesson plans and lesson plan ideas to accompany their Elementari creations.

By sharing material, other educators can replicate lesson success or modify content/ideas to match their own circumstances. Each publication may have a multitude of lessons to draw from. Further, publications may also serve as examples for other educators on how to code their own stories to create desired effects.

Just as students can remix and modify stories, so too can educators in designing lessons. Through collaborative content, Elementari can not only reach a national audience focused on Common Core stands, but also benefit from the creative force of a global educator community!