We love the creative possibilities that come with the internet, and we want to promote a collaborative spirit for writing stories. However, we also believe that crediting is crucial for any creative out there. That's why we developed Elementari to bring crediting to the next level.

What is Elementari?

Elementari is an online platform that connects artists with writers to create and share interactive stories. Anyone, even kids, can create a story and use illustrations and sounds contributed by our community.

When a story is published, all the illustrators, composers, and writers (in the case of remixes) are automatically credited and notified.

How does Elementari automatically credit artists?

As all stories are created and published through Elementari's Studio (our online editor and authoring tool), we are able to associate a story with not just author, but also all the artists who have contributed to that story.

Then, we are able to automatically generate credits and notify those artists. Below you can see some ways we credit artists.

Integrated Credits Page

There is a traditional credits page added to the story itself. This allows the credits page to be included even when the story is embedded into someone's personal website.

You can access the credits page from anywhere in the story by just clicking the "C" button at the bottom of the reader.


There are all the illustrators and composers who have contributed to this story

Credits through interacting with illustrations

Sometimes a story can have many different illustrators. For example in the story above, I used backgrounds from four different illustrators. So, how do I find out who drew this specific background?

We want readers to be able to better discover who created a specific background, character, or object. Now, readers can just long tap/click on the illustration and a popover will appear with the artist name and the link to the profile. We hope this will bring increased interactions between readers, the stories they read, and our creative community.


Notifications! Yup, we're a creative social network

So you get credited, that's nice. However, what makes things even better is knowing who used your stuff and how they used it. Elementari wants to provide this information to all of our artists in the community.


credit notification

Real time notifications

When someone publishes a story with your art or music, You will a receive real-time notification that includes what artwork was used. 


Your followers can then see stories with your artwork in their news feed.

People in the community can also see when you have contributed to a new story. In this way, different artists can be connected and discovered through the medium of stories.


Finally, we want to make management of assets and analytics transparent. Artists can see the details of their art and music on their management dashboard. We are continuing to develop better analytics for our artists.


You can choose for your illustrations to be unavailable on the studio (off).

Join our community

Elementari is a big project and we need your help. If you are an illustrator or composer, we are looking forward to having you on board. Join us in our mission to promote arts and literacy :)

You can find more information at our artist specific page: https://www.elementari.io/artists

You can also chat and chill with the developers and our community on Discord: https://discord.gg/GFvjDAC

If you have any questions or want to discuss more, feel free to message me here or email me at [email protected]